Eyal Alef Ophir


Eyal Alef Ophir was born in 1988 in Kfar-Saba, Israel. As long as he can remember he was passionate with colors and the way we perceive them. These days, alongside his focus on pop art, he works in academic research in the field of visual perception and divides his time between Tel Aviv and Berlin. 

When we think we know something well we don't really see it. Our eyes may rest on the image before us but our mind takes over in completing the scene. By using familiar materials like Rubik’s Cubes, dice, pins or puzzles in new ways, he strives to make these familiar materials and themes estranged so we can see them again as new.

Eyal’s prosopagnosia (a deficit in recognizing faces) led him to focus mostly on creating faces, which he deconstructs and constructs again, working a piece by piece towards recognition.

Eyal’s work moves between different contrasts- the familiar and the unrecognizable, meticulous planning versus randomness, rationality versus gut instinct. Each work starts with choosing the ‘rules of the game’ based on the potential each material can offer. The color palette might be restricted, but the potential for creating all possible colors is already there. Those same restrictions applied to the creative process hide within them all the freedom he needs.




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