Zohar, born in 1976, lives and works in Tel Aviv. He coined the term "Spontaneous Realism" as a trademark for his art. Zohar defines this artistic style as the revival of the meaning of Contemporary Art in a new era, with a new interpretation that reflects the spirit of the present day. His unique style, which emerges from the dynamics of the moment, allows him to grasp the immediate reality vividly, allowing the viewer to sense the imprinted movement. Zohar never formally studied painting or "Art". The foundation of his artistic works is rooted in his heart and has always pushed him to create. He himself researched the technique of the old masters and used it for his own intense self- study. After experimenting with acrylic paints, he was able to allow his autodidactic basic knowledge to discover and develop the style of spontaneous realism, combining the rigor and "heaviness" of oil painting with the "easy" and fast technique of watercolor painting. "What attracts Zohar is the portrayal of the unexpected. He also calls it ‘a dialogue with colors’. There is always a pure opportunity to win. "If I had known beforehand what the finished painting would look like, I would have been too bored to paint it in the first place." A realist is someone whose figurativeism is the vocabulary of his artistic message. Improvisation is usually the most challenging part of art; Improvisation requires maturity. Zohar made a few stops on his way as an artist, such as fantastic realism in coal painting and photo realism, until he found his own contemporary art style.






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