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Hello there! We’re Miss D. Gallery,

we’re located in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and we showcase different Israeli artists. Our various artworks can be viewed on our website, at the Collections webpage, where you can see all of the artworks. If you have a favourite artist, visit The Artist’s webpage and explore his or her special collection, where you’ll find your favourite piece.​

Did you find your special artwork? That’s Great!

Contact us at: with the name of the piece, or call us at +972-549-766-555 (or send a WhatsApp text message), and we’ll be glad to provide you with additional details on that artwork, including its price. Every artwork sold arrives with an original, signed certificate of authenticity.​


Our clients are located across the globe, and enjoy door-to-door shipping.

The shipment is made through DHL and with our highly experienced courier, whose team creates a custom protective crate for every piece we ship. Each shipment includes insurance.

Once you’ve contacted us and got all the information you require, and should you decide to purchase your favorite artwork, the acquisition process is very easy – either by credit card transaction by phone call (exep. American Express), or by wire transfer. We will email you an invoice with an empty field we’ll kindly ask you to complete with your details for our shipper (home address, zip code, etc.), so that the shipping process can begin immediately after the payment. 

Please note we work with DHL Express, so shipping times are mostly 5 to 10 business days, but may take longer. We will be available to you during

shipping, until the artwork arrives at your doorstep, and even afterwards if needed.


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